Komm süßer Tod

by I am the svn

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released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


I am the svn Berlin, Germany

Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Everything's on fire.

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Track Name: Muse missed
might have forgotten
I'm done

You've dissolved
into me

night has come
I want to run

can't be done

wake turn save I have
never said a word to you
in mind the last silence into
worthless breath is fading I wish I
could fade away
I wish I could make it all undone
can't be done
Track Name: in your veins
I can shut it out, but I can't shake it off
I can't live it down, I can't make it soft
if I let you go, I'll find you back again
you know I can't say no, I can't be by myself

I want you in my veins

be the reason for every thing I do
be the souce, the cause the problem and the solution too
don't try to help me, I can't help myself
I'll just keep breaking out again

you won't keep my cool, I will burn myself
you can call me gone, I'll find someone else
once we're done pretending, I'll come back again
years of withdrawal, yet there's nothing that feels better than

I want you in my veins
Track Name: melt
amidst unopened letters and unwhispered secrets
denied the worth given to unspoken promises
we've done it before and we'll do it again
thrown it all away twice and once over

and there is amber
there is no silence
left to enjoy
and all that's nothing
and all that's everything
is what I can never be

so dream it up dreamer wear your death on your sleeve
pry your thoughts open and pour them out for all to see
spend your last words on a wasted thought
may your ashes appear to be weightless

I need a cage so I have something to break out of
you need a freedom that you never wanted to have

and there is amber
there is no silence
left to employ
and all it meant to be
is never gone
and all that's left to be
wake melancholy

I'm going out
Track Name: Interlude
*long form existentialist spoken word poem*